An early version of Hero Shooter is available on Android

Hero Shooter has appeared on Google Play. It combines different genres, although on the surface it is rather arcade gameplay.

Hero Shooter is a mobile shoot ’em up project. Plus, it uses elements from bagels. There is no plot, you just need to go through the vertical levels. On them we dodge attacks and shoot at the bandits armed to the teeth. More precisely, we move the hero, and he is already attacking. Is this another Archero clone? Probably not, but there are common features.

Gradually in Hero Shooter, our hero is pumped. After leveling up, you can choose one of three abilities. Plus, sometimes there is a nurse who recovers HP. By the way, experience and coins are poured from enemies, only they are collected automatically. If you are very lucky, a rare cannon may even fall out. And yes, after ten levels we face the boss, only the first one is not so difficult to deal with.

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In total, the developers of Hero Shooter promise more than 50 skills. If you die, you can equip what you got from the last race, improve clothes and pump abilities. Sorry, there are no online items.

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