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An update has been released for Eville, a social fantasy game based on the “Mafia”

VestGames and Versus Evil have announced the release of the November update 1.2 for the multiplayer game Eville.

The patch added a new conspirator – the Ritualist, an item for conspirator ghosts called “Poltergeist” and a new item from the merchant called “Herbal Tea”, which allows you to restore 50 health over 60 seconds.

As a Ritualist, players can use the “Create Cursed Doll” ability and then place a curse on an unsuspecting player. Also, the character is able to steal the health of opponents and distribute the damage received with the enemies. November update 1.2 additionally contains some quality of life improvements and minor fixes.

Eville is a project where players play for different teams: conspirators or villagers. The former do dark deeds and should not be seen, while the latter catch the villains. All characters have unique skills, they can move around the village, enter houses and communicate with each other.

"The Ritualist" - Update 1.2

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