Angry Birds creators release RPG Darkfire Heroes for iOS and Android

Remember Rovio? This is the studio that once created the popular Angry Birds franchise. So, now these guys have released an arcade RPG called Darkfire Heroes on smartphones. It has everything that gamers expect from games like Clash of Clans and AFK Arena: cartoon graphics, “colourful” characters and vertical gameplay. The heroes do all the work for us. That is, the battles are fought in auto-mode. Over time, they activate abilities, some of which are guided. The party should have a tank, a healer, a dd, and so on.

There are loot boxes in Darkfire Heroes. They drop gold, as well as character cards for pumping. From the modes available campaign, arena (while beta test, you need 100 keys), expeditions, quests and an elemental dungeon. Let’s not forget about energy; maximum five, then you need to restore.

Darkfire Heroes is already available worldwide.

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