Angry Dad: Watching football matches, shouting at scammers and working as a plunger

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Meet the mobile game about the Evil Father. His football club has been losing 10 years in a row; because of this, he loses strength, nerves and hair. A new championship is due soon, but my father is constantly distracted by household chores. The gameplay in Angry Dad is arcade: watching football reduces stress, and so does alcohol (but you can’t drink a lot). If you have a lot of chores around the house, your stress level rises faster. This includes: washing dishes, leaking pipes, clogged toilet, crying baby, and so on.

We get points for completing mini-games. They are needed in order to get three stars at the end of the mission. For local dollars or watching ads, you can “buff” the Evil Father: improve the nervous system, add speed to the legs, and so on. By the way, there is a home phone that scammers call. But even if you complete all the tasks, but miss goals and the football match itself, then your father will quickly run out of patience.

Angry Dad is already available on Android. This is a shareware project with ads. If you believe TapTapthen we should expect an iOS version.

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