Announced cross-platform MMORPG Sprite Fantasia – the sequel to Grand Fantasia

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X-Legend Entertainment has announced a new anime-style cross-platform MMORPG Sprite Fantasia. The game will be released on PC and mobile devices in the fall of 2021, and you can pre-register now at the following links:

As a reward, you will receive 100 gems and an exclusive SSR card.

Sprite Fantasia is the sequel to the classic MMORPG Grand Fantasia, released in 2006. The game will take place on the mysterious fantastic continent of Safile, filled with a variety of biomes. Players will be able to collect Sprites – magical creatures of the game world that help their owners.

As for the presence of the Russian language, not everything is so simple yet. Google Play says the game will only be translated into Chinese, Korean, English, French, German and Thai. However, the App Store also lists Portuguese and Russian. Apparently, one of the stores made a mistake.

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