Anthem – Description of all weapons available in the game

image4 85 Anthem - Description of all weapons available in the game

Weapons, along with skills, are the most important offensive attribute of every javelin. During the game, we will definitely use countless ammo. Matching the weapon to our play style and the class of character we’re playing is key.

We should use a weapon that works well at close range if we are piloting a Colossus or perhaps a Hunter. In the case of the Storm class, it is better to choose medium and long range weapons.

Each javelin can be equipped with two weapons. It is best if the weapon has different properties. For example:

  • Interceptor Pack: Shotguns or submachine guns as the first weapon; The addition will be a heavy pistol or a sniper rifle that will work at medium distances.
  • Storm Set: This javelin is better at range, so his first choice might be an assault rifle or a heavy pistol; The second weapon can be a sniper rifle.

We get new weapons as loot after completing the mission. We can also create new weapons in the Forge. Weapons can be enhanced with modules that increase damage or ammo capacity in the magazine. It is worth reading the description of the modules before installing them and choosing the one that will affect the weapons we use.

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The weapon deals massive damage, but only when we are close to the enemy and you don’t have to aim accurately at the enemy. Shotguns – despite their large spread – are great for frontline characters like the Interceptor or Kolos. Due to the nature of this weapon, we do not recommend using this type of weapon in the Storm class.


Machine guns do the most damage if you are close to the enemy. They are characterized by less recoil, a much higher rate of fire and the number of rounds in the store.

Light machine gun (RKM)

These are powerful weapons, characterized by a relatively low rate of fire. RCMs work well on the battlefield, unless we try to use them at long ranges. The disadvantage of this type of weapon is the rather large recoil of the weapon.

assault rifles

Automatic rifle. One of the most versatile weapons with excellent parameters. It works well in almost all conditions, although – due to the relatively small number of cartridges in the magazine – it has to be reloaded frequently. Relatively low recoil combined with high damage and a high rate of fire make this a valuable rifle for beginners and advanced players alike.

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image2 42 Anthem - Description of all weapons available in the game

heavy weapons

Their operation and features are very similar to the rifles described below, although they are slightly faster and have slightly less range. They are suitable mainly for medium distances. There are versions with one and two modes. Heavy weapons are an interesting suggestion for characters who are not going to play alongside the enemy.

Sniper carbines

This is one of the best weapons in the game. Works great at almost any distance. Each bullet deals significant damage – and this, combined with a low rate of fire – makes it quite easy to hit the enemy. Headshots take more damage than bodyshots.

image3 105 Anthem - Description of all weapons available in the game

Sniper rifles

They work very well as a secondary weapon. They deal a lot of damage at a distance, which is their big advantage despite their low rate of fire. Some sub-types of sniper rifles need to be reloaded after each shot, but this bullet does a lot of damage to enemies. Due to the limited ammo you can carry with you, it cannot be considered a primary weapon, but rather an addition to our arsenal.

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Automatic gun

The perfect weapon for the Colossus. The autocannon is a very fast weapon that shoots out tons of lead. Deals a lot of damage, but at close range. Weapons are practically useless for long distances. It has a very large magazine capacity, but it takes longer to reload than other weapons.


Projectiles fired from grenade launchers deal massive damage to enemies. The disadvantage of using this weapon is that it is quite difficult to use, because – before firing – the flight must be calculated. The grenade launcher tosses a round up and then explodes when it hits an enemy or the ground.


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