Anthem – For what actions we get experience points and coins (gold). How the Alliance system works

In games like Anthem, repeating the same actions, that is, completing a task, reaching a goal, and returning to the base with loot, is natural. Any player should be rewarded for these efforts. Therefore, the rewards we receive during and after the mission should satisfy us.

On this page we will talk about two types of prizes, namely experience and currency (they are called coins). We will explain: how to quickly reach a new level of experience and how to earn coins quickly.

How to quickly gain experience?

  • In Anthem, we get experience points (XP) for:
  • Complete missions and fortifications.
  • By completing events in the world during free play.
  • Complete missions with other players.
  • Performing heroic actions during the game (the list of heroic actions can be checked in the menu)
  • Collect craft materials.
  • Repair spears (as directed by AI or other players)

Playing in co-op gives a greater increase in experience points than a single game. During missions and free play, you must perform as many heroic actions as possible. Fortifications and Quick Play are the modes in which we get experience and money more often than for other tasks.

If we join other players’ games (quick play), we can count on a significant increase in experience in a short time. It may happen that we will appear in the game at the end of the mission, but we will win all the points provided for the task.

It’s a good idea to get experience quickly by playing the free game. While exploring the world, we hold events, collect materials, perform heroic deeds for which we gain experience.

For what activities do we receive coins (gold)?

We get coins (gold) for:

  • execution of the expedition (missions, contracts, etc.).
  • completion of tasks – a list of tasks and rewards associated with them can be found at the base.
  • completion of daily, weekly and monthly tasks – we have a certain period of time to complete them (day, week or month, depending on the task), after this period our progress is reset and a new task is performed; we will receive a prize only if we complete everything 100%;.
  • actions performed within the alliance system;
  • to achieve a certain number of points, we reach the following levels of the alliance (maximum ten);
  • points are reset every week;
  • after a week we get coins – the amount of money we earn depends on the number of levels we got;
  • We can check the current state of the alliance at the Freelance HQ by going to the table (2).


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