Anthem guide: drop, drop colors, rarity

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We deal with the drop-down loot in the game. How to distinguish item categories and their rarity.

The world of Anthem is filled with terrible creatures and enemies, and all of them have a chance to drop various items, equipment and supplies. But during a fierce firefight, it’s hard to keep track of what you pick up.

This guide will help you understand the four types of drops and see examples of each. So you can distinguish between items that fall from enemies.


Health is red with a heart icon
Cartridges – blue with the image of cartridges

There are only 2 types of supplies: health and ammo. Health is red with a heart icon above the drop, and ammo is blue with three ammo icons.


Resources highlighted in white

There are three types of resources in the game: parts of weapons and costumes, chromium alloys, chromium compounds. You can get chromatic resources by collecting ore or plants in free play mode. Weapon parts can be found in containers, as well as on the wreckage you explore. Resources look like a gray sphere of indefinite shape.


rare coal

Embers are needed to create equipment for the costume. There are four types of coals:

  • Unusual (green);
  • Rare (blue);
  • Legendary (violet);
  • Fabulous (gold).

Embers are similar in shape to resources, but colored according to rarity.


uncommon item

Items you pick up while traveling will not be identified until you return to Fort Tarsis. These items can become any part of the costume: weapons, grenades, or components. You will see the full list of items after completing the mission.

Item rarity is similar to coals, but has five types:

  • Ordinary (white);
  • Unusual (green);
  • Rare (blue);
  • Legendary (purple);
  • Gorgeous (gold).

Items are marked with a double triangular diamond of the corresponding color. They are little more than an ammo/health drop and are easy to spot.


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