Anthem – how to pick up Dawion and Pre-Legion Edition expansions

Players who pre-order or purchase the Dawion Legion Edition will receive unique items.

Digital versions of the game contain additional content – you do not need to activate it. Dawn Legion Edition item codes and pre-sale bonus codes can be found in the game box or via email.

To get all of the expansions, you had to purchase Anthem in the Legion Edition prior to launch, which is 02/22/2019.

Dawion Legion Edition content

Dawn Legion Edition includes:

  • a full set of Legion of Dawn armor (Hunter, Colossus, Storm and Smigger).
  • legendary weapon.
  • additional module for a spear.
  • digital soundtrack.

Presale content

  • Those who ordered the game before the premiere received:
  • Legion of Dawn Armor Pack.
  • legendary weapon.

How to pick up the Legion Legion Edition upgrade and pre-sale bonus items

To claim your rewards in the Dawn Legion Edition update and pre-sale bonus, follow these steps:

  • Complete the first missions.
  • Talk to Prospero (2) who runs the Accessory Shop (1); you will receive a task from him. When you’ve completed the mission, return to Prospero and speak to him again; from now on, you can improve the spear in the forge.
  • In the add-ons store, go to the PRIZES tab to claim items – just confirm your choice.


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