Anthem – Javelin’s Choice

In Anthem, while fighting and exploring the world, we use Javelins, which perform combat functions. Thanks to them, we can fly, fight, and use four unique abilities.

There are four javelins in the game – Hunter, Kolos, Storm and Interceptor. Each of them is characterized by different skills and different fighting style.

Which javelin is better?

When choosing a character class, you should be guided by your preferences, fighting style, as well as your own skills.

At first glance, all javelins look alike. However, when used, we can see that in certain situations we use different skills and strategies. For example: when defending from enemy attacks, Kolos covers himself with a shield, and the Interceptor performs a series of quick dodges.

Remember that the javelin can be changed during the game, so try different armor even if you think you are using the best one. It may turn out that playing for a different class will bring us more pleasure from the game.

At the beginning of an adventure with Anthem, we recommend using the Hunter class due to its versatility and balanced stats. He’s fast, mobile, and does a lot of damage. In addition, thanks to his ability that protects allies, he is very useful to the team during the battle.

Also an interesting offer for beginners is Kolos, which is characterized by the highest resistance of bullets and deals a lot of damage – even to several opponents at the same time. He fights on the front line. He is slow and not very maneuverable compared to the Hunter and Storm, but he has a shield that will protect against hostile attacks.

Colossus is recommended for players who have trouble coordinating movements on the battlefield. Combat requires us to be agile and quick to react. Due to its high resistance, the javelin is able to last longer than other exoskeletons.

Using the Storm and Interceptor classes requires more skill. These suits are less resistant to injury and rely more on slopes and constant movement.

Especially the Interceptor, which is the most spontaneous of all. To take full advantage of it during combat, you need to spend some time learning how to move on the ground and in the air, which can turn off many players.

Storm is also not very resistant to damage. But he has very strong area attacks that can hit multiple targets at once. Moreover, this is a great support for the team, because it has abilities that allies will use – for example: freezing enemies, after which companions can quickly destroy opponents.

Due to the weaker armor, Storm must stay behind, thus supporting the team. It is important to note that this character class can fly in the air for a very long time, which is a huge advantage that should be used during combat.


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