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Anthem – The Beginning of the Expedition: All about solo and team play

Start of the expedition

To start expeditions (new mission, fortification or free play), go to the place where your suit is (1) (we marked it on the map and in the image below). Approach the suit and activate it.

The expedition selection screen will appear. Selecting one of the options will take you to more detailed settings.

  • Tracked Mission (2) – after selecting a specific game mode (3-5), you will go to the Summary (7), where you will set the game parameters.
  • Change mission (3) – on the world map, you will select the main mission, agent task or agent contract (yellow icons).
  • Free play (4) – on the world map, you select the point from which you want to start the game, and then go to Summary (7).
  • Fortifications (5) – on the map, you select one of the several available fortifications, and then go to the Summary (7).
  • Quick game (6) – you will join the task of other players; this mode offers missions that you have already completed before, or other activities that are not related to the story; Here you will help other players and get loot and materials.

Creation of an expedition

Once you have selected a game mode, you will be taken to the summary screen (7). There is information here:

The name of the selected mission, expedition or free play (8).

  • Difficulty level (9) – by clicking on this option, we will select one of six difficulty levels; the last three difficulty levels are available from experience level 30.
  • Team (10) – information about who is in our team.
  • Stimulants (11) – by clicking on this tab, we go to the screen for selecting a stimulant, that is, an object that increases the selected statistics, but only works during one expedition; the stimulator should be made first and then put on; the first stim slot will be unlocked at experience level 10.
  • Privacy Settings (12) – Clicking on this option will bring up a screen with two options: Public and Private.
  • Selecting the Public Game option assigns us to other players with whom we jointly conducted an expedition. But by clicking on “Private”, we will complete the task alone if we do not have friends; in some game types, such as fortifications and free games, you cannot select private mode.
  • Private expedition (13) – information about the selected privacy parameter (12).
  • Forge (14) – pressing this button will take us to the Forge.
  • Start (15) – if all the parameters were set by us, we can start the task.
  • Team readiness information (16) – if we play with friends and join the team, they must confirm their readiness by pressing the appropriate button. If all team members do this, you can start the expedition.

Inviting players and joining a team

The game is focused on cooperation with other players. That’s why we can fight side by side with friends or other players. There are two ways to invite a player to a team:

  • by going to the game menu and selecting the COMMUNITY tab.
  • on the Summary screen (7), when choosing an expedition, go to the tab: Team (10).

It doesn’t matter which option we use. When we go to the Friends tab, our allies will appear in the list.

After sending the invitation, our friend must agree to join the team. When he does this, he will automatically appear in the team.

If we don’t have friends, we can still have fun with other players. When setting up an expedition, simply select in the privacy settings (12) what you want to play in open mode.

How to play alone?

If we are lone wolves and prefer to explore the mysteries of the world alone, we can play without the participation of other players. Just on the Summary screen (7) in the privacy settings (12) change the mode to “Personal” and do not invite friends to your team.

We can play alone in the main missions, tasks and contracts.




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