Apex Legends – all characters and their abilities

Apex Legends from the creators of Titanfall is partly a so-called hero shooter, so it contains elements known from, for example, Overwatch.

In addition to weapons, we can also use the Apex Legends ability, which can change the course of the battle and tip the scales of victory. In this guide, you will get to know all the heroes of the game and learn the most important information about skills.

Respawn Entertainment has prepared 8 different heroes. Below you will find a brief description of the character and a list of skills.


Bloodhound is a spy in the world of Apex Legends. A characteristically dressed character has the ability to see enemy tracks or locate enemies even through walls.

Bloodhound abilities

Passive: Tracker – Enemies leave traces that you can find.

Tactical: Eye of the Allied – Reveals the location of enemies, traps, and footprints throughout the area in front of the player, as well as inside buildings.

Special: Wild Hunter – More sensitive skills allow you to move faster and see heat signatures.


While some of the heroes in Apex Legends are known for their defensive abilities, Gibraltar is the main defensive character in the game. The ability to use a shield along with a weapon will help you survive encounters with enemies more easily.

Gibraltar abilities

Passive: Ballistic Shield – When you use your crosshair, you activate a ballistic shield that protects you from enemy fire.

Tactics: Protective Dome – A domed cover that blocks all attacks for 15 seconds.

Special: Bombardment – A concentrated mortar attack against a position that you mark with smoke.

life line

One of two Medics in Apex Legends. The main task of Lifeline is to support other team members. You should always have such a character in the group, and Lifeline is the best medicine at the moment.

Lifeline abilities

Passive: Combat Medic – Heal allies faster with a shield. Therapeutic items are used 25 percent faster.

Tactics: DOC Healing Drone – It automatically restores the health of nearby allies for a while.

Special: Dropping supplies – A capsule full of high quality protective equipment.


If you’re familiar with the Titanfall games, you might remember the robots that walked most of the maps in the multiplayer modes, and Pathfinder is one of them. Although he is classified as a Medic, he is closer to the Scouts, and all thanks to the hook with a rope.

Abilities Pathfinder

Passive: Confidential Information – Toggles the recognition siren scan to find out the next ring position.

Tactical: a hook with a rope – allows you to quickly reach hard-to-reach places.

Feature: Cannon with the rope is a multi-purpose pistol.


This is a rather unusual character, although the most beloved and often chosen. Wraith is very handy – he can hear nearby enemies, but he can also move the team through portals.

Wraith abilities

Passive: Voices from the Abyss – When an enemy aims at the Ghost, the heroine will hear a voice that will warn her of danger.

Tactics: Across the Abyss – The character quickly moves across a safe abyss, avoiding any injury.

Special: Gates Dimension – Connect 2 locations within 60 seconds using a portal.


This is a classic class of soldiers responsible for dealing damage. However, he also manages to defend well because he can use a smoke screen.

Bangalore abilities

Passive: Faster Pace – After dealing damage while sprinting, Bangalore moves faster.

Tactical: Smoke launcher – Launches a smoke grenade that creates a smoke screen on impact.

Special: Spherical lightning – Artillery fire.


One of two characters that you need to unlock with in-game currency. All of Caustic’s abilities focus on using a poisonous gas that slowly kills enemies.


Passive: Nox image – The ability to detect threats in a gas cloud.

Tactics: Nox Gas Trap – Caustic can place up to 6 gas canisters, which are activated when an enemy is fired or approached.

Trait: Nox Gas Grenade – Covers a large area of ​​an area with Nox gas.


As the last hero, we are introducing Mirage, the second character to be unlocked with virtual money. The hero can trick the enemy team using holographic decoys.

Mirage’s abilities

Passive: Bis – Automatically activates the hologram and the area of ​​disguise 5 seconds after being wounded.

Tactics: sick psyche – the character releases a hologram that diverts the attention of the enemy.

Feature: Disappear – activates the field of disguise and several holograms at the same time.

How to unlock new characters

From the very beginning of your adventure in Apex Legends, you can choose from almost all available characters, as well as change them after each match – according to your preferences.

However, two of the eight heroes are unavailable. These are Caustic and Mirage, which we can buy for 1200 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. We get the first currency during the game, and the second one needs to be bought for real money.

It doesn’t matter what currency we use – we will get the same character with the same abilities. The paid version is just an option for people who want to save time and get a new character quickly.

To unlock Caustic and Mirage, go to the Store tab and then Legends. You will see these heroes there. Choose a character, then a currency, and enjoy your new hero.

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