Apex Legends Cross Progression and Gift System Coming Soon

For a long time, Apex Legends Battle Royale players have been waiting for cross-progression and a gift system, which the authors promised to implement for a long time, but everything turned out to be not so simple. Ahead of the release of Season of the Pursuit, Respawn Entertainment finally broke their silence on the subject and said that this option is not worth waiting for in the near future, as it is a technically difficult task.

Nevertheless, right now the developers are engaged in the so-called gift system, but even here there is still little specific information.

We are actively working on the gift system. With this system, everything is not as simple as it might seem. Every time we add something new to monetization, we want players to have a good experience. The same applies to gifts. said design director Evan Nikolic.

As a result, in the near future, you can only harvest a major update with the new season of The Pursuit, which will become available very soon – on August 9th.

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