Apex Legends – Loch Ness Monster: how to summon and location of Nessie toys

Shortly after the release of Apex Legends, players saw toys resembling dinosaurs on the King’s Canyon map. Stuffed animals were placed in different places and all this remained a mystery for some time.

Today, we know that plush toys are miniature versions of the legendary Loch Ness monster, and players taking part in a match can summon a huge monster that emerges from the water.

In order to see the Loch Ness monster in Apex Legends, you must shoot down the talismans in the correct order. Below you will find instructions and all the most important information.

Nessie location map

The first step to summoning the legendary Loch Ness monster is to find all the green figurines. Let’s start with a map (posted on the Reddit forum).

There are 10 talismans on the map:

The stuffed animals look like the pictures below. They cannot be confused with other objects in the game world.

Here is another example:

The soft toy can also float on the surface of the water:

How to summon the Loch Ness monster – the best way

If you want to take on the challenge of the legendary monster, you need to find out more important information.

When you see the talisman, you must shoot it down. When you destroy all the stuffed animals, you can go to a certain place and collect the prize – see with your own eyes a great creature that appears from the water and then leaves.

It is important to note that the talismans must be brought down in the correct order. In fact, the figures appear in the arena one after another, so if you do not follow the order, you will not find the next toy.

This means that the task is not so easy to complete. Especially given the ever-shrinking zone, short match times and other players to look out for.

We present the best way to summon the Loch Ness Monster in Apex Legends:

  • Gather two friends and join the match as a full team – always with microphones.
  • Separate yourself: the first person will find stuffed animals with numbers 1, 3 and 6 (on the map above), the second – 2, 5 and 9, and the third – 4, 7, 8 and 10.
  • Find weapons and some healing items, then go looking. When one of you knocks down the talisman, be sure to report it to the team.
  • After destroying a soft toy, you will also be able to see the information in the registry on the right side of the screen.
  • When you get rid of all the toys, go to the place where the last one was – the tenth, and look east towards the water. This is where the Loch Ness monster will appear.
  • Remember to constantly replenish your life if you are outside the ring – damage outside the area bypasses the shield.
  • Melee attacks do not affect talismans, they must be knocked down.
  • During the flight on the map, it is worth splitting up to complete the task faster. It is also advisable to use red balls and smooth movement.

It is worth noting that a similar Easter egg was also placed in Titanfall and Titanfall 2 – games from the same Respawn Entertainment studio. But, it has not yet been discovered whether stuffed animals have any meaning.


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