Apex Legends Mobile Gets the Aftershow Update

Electronic Arts released official patch note, where he told what to expect from the new Apex Legends Mobile update. It’s called “After Show” and offers a themed Battle Pass. It can be opened for only 299 Syndicate Gold; the developers indicate that this battle pass is smaller than usual, but the number of rewards has not decreased.

Apex Legends Mobile also added a new mode: “solo battle royale“. Its meaning is that there will be no allies on the map, only enemies. Also, players are waiting for different events that begin and end on different dates.

October 12 Apex Legends Mobile team will make changes to Kings Canyon: The Pitonas Theater and the Encore function will leave the map. These changes will affect both ranked and regular battle royale modes. Also, so you don’t get so upset about the defeat, Electronic Arts added tasksthat appear on certain days; if you complete them, you can receive cards that protect you and the team from losing rating points in case of a loss.

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