Apex Legends New 9v9 Control Mode Guide

Apex Legends New 9v9 Control Mode Guide Fortnite - Challenges: Get 15 Ball Throws

In addition to Maggie’s new Legend and the updated Damaged Olympus map, Season 12 of Battle Royale brings with it a brand new Control mode with 9v9 battles. It is intended for fans of more traditional first-person shooters and is reminiscent of Big Team Battles from Halo Infinite. The foreign portal Inven prepared a small guide for this mode, and we, in turn, translated it into Russian and supplemented it a little.

Apex Legends Control Rules

The condition for winning the new Control mode in Apex Legends is very simple. You and eight of your allies must fill your gauge to 100% before the enemy team does. To do this, it is necessary to control zones A, B and C, which are located at a certain distance from each other on the map between the bases of the two teams. The more points you capture, the faster you gain percentage points.

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Both teams consist of 3 standard squads of 3, while you can communicate in voice chat with yours, as usual. You will not be able to play as a Legend that is being used by another member of your squad as in Battle Royale and Arena modes, however you can choose the same character as a member of another squad on your team.

Apex Legends Control Gear Sets

An Apex Legends Control match begins with a loadout selection screen. At this location, you will be able to choose from five different pre-defined kits that suit different play styles.

  • Close Quarter
  • Heavy
  • Assault
  • Marksman
  • Snipe

You can change your set on the death screen, where you choose a place to respawn. Whether you prefer shooting from a distance with a sniper rifle or storming an area with a heavy light machine gun, changing gear or legend can help you adjust your strategy. You can also choose different scopes.

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Apex Legends Control Tips

Apex Legends’ Control mode has many unique aspects to be aware of.

  • For kills, capturing zones, defending zones, and other achievements of your team, you get points in an individual level system. As you level up, the quality of your weapons and armor will improve from blue to purple and eventually to gold. However, after each death, your level is reset, so it acts more like a bonus to victory. You can pick up weapons and armor from defeated players.
  • The capture bonus will place a one-time high score reward in the selected zone and start a timer. The team that controls this zone when the timer reaches zero will earn a large number of points.
  • The resurrection occurs at least 20 seconds after death, so kills have a lot of value in terms of their impact on map control.
  • Your legend will have the default duration of abilities and the ability to charge the ultimate, so the gameplay in this aspect feels like in the “Royal battle”, and not like in the “Arena”, where skills must be bought.
  • If you take damage during the game, your shields will automatically start regenerating some time after you stop taking damage. There are no shield cells, but you have an unlimited number of bandages and first-aid kits to restore health. The number of ammo is also unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about them.
  • After death, you can choose a place to respawn. You are allowed to spawn in zones that belong to you and belong to your base. You cannot spawn near the enemy base, but if you control zones A and B, then there is an opportunity to respawn in the center of the map in zone B.
  • After capturing all three points, a special timer will start. If the team that controls the three zones can hold them until the timer reaches zero, then they will immediately win.
  • Airdrops allow you to use powerful weapons from crates that provide increased damage, but they have a limited amount of ammo.

With this, the starter guide for the “Control” mode in Apex Legends has come to an end. From it you could learn all the most important things for a successful start, and for further improvement, only practice is needed. If you have any tips that you would like to add to this guide, then write about them in the comments.

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