Apex Legends will reappear in the Skull Zone and the entire Capitol City

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More recently, on the official Apex Legends Twitter account, the developers made it clear to the players that they want to return the “Skull” – one of the favorite zones in the classic Canyon location. But now a new entry has appeared, where the “Capitol” is already mentioned, which is currently in ruins on the “End of the World” map.

Don’t let the return of the City of Skulls distract you from the fact that Capitol City was the best! – posted by Apex Legends News on Twitter.

In the first and second cases, the zones have already been destroyed for various reasons, so it will be strange if they are simply returned to the locations. The gaming community is vigorously discussing these references and comes to the conclusion that these locations are likely to be added as maps of the “Arena 3×3” mode, and this seems to be true. It remains to wait for official information on when and how exactly the Capitol City and Skull will appear in Apex Legends.

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