Apple adds subscription-sharing to Family Sharing

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iPhone and iPad users who share apps with their families using Apple’s Family Sharing feature can now share apps by subscription as well.

The Subscription setting in the Apple App Store has a Share New Subscriptions option that automatically allows family members to share related apps with a subscription. This option is available in the current version of iOS 14.2.

Apple adds subscription-sharing to Family Sharing

With the announcement of iOS 14, iPad 14, and macOS Big Sur, Apple has announced new subscription sharing options. Developers can decide for themselves if a subscription is available to family members. Optionally, you can turn off the Share New Subscriptions option in the Apple App Store settings.

As a reminder, the Family Sharing feature allows a family or group of 6 to share Apple apps and services.

Up to this point, if a Family Sharing member purchased an app that requires a monthly subscription, they didn’t have the opportunity to share it with other members.

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