In late October, it was reported that Apple was stepping up efforts to create its own search engine, as US antitrust authorities may prohibit using the Google search engine as the default search engine on iOS devices. As you know, Google, which controls about 90% of global Internet search, pays Apple $ 8-12 billion annually for this privilege.

Yesterday, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple patent # 10,872,088, which confirms that Apple is developing its own search engine.

Apple Grants Patent Proving It Is Developing Its Own Search Engine

The patent describes a method for evaluating search results based on domain weight. As you know, the search usually gives a huge search result, numbering thousands of items (for example, web pages). To make search results more useful to users, it is suggested to sort or rank the results based on rating or rating, which forces the list to display items in a specific order. As intended by the authors of the patent, the weight of an item used to sort items in search results could be based on an estimate of the domain’s impact that provided that item.

Impact scores are developed by assigning a default minimum impact score to each domain across multiple domains and then updating it based on the number of links per domain. However, a domain that links to or points to another domain contributes or donates part of its impact score to another domain in the process of updating impact scores. The final result of updating the impact scores is a dataset in which all domains have positive (non-zero) impact scores, with some domains having significantly higher impact scores than other domains. Also, the method can include creating a blacklist of domains,

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