Apple loses patent dispute with Optis Wireless Technology

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Apple ordered to pay plaintiff $ 506 million

In February 2019, Optis Wireless Technology filed a lawsuit in which it accused Apple of infringing on several patents. Apple lost the case this week.

A federal jury in Texas ordered Apple to pay the plaintiff $ 506.2 million in royalties for using the 4G technology patented by Optis Wireless Technology in iPhones and other devices. According to the source, at one time these patents were obtained by Samsung, LG and Panasonic.

Apple loses patent dispute with Optis Wireless Technology

Optis lawyers say this is the first patent jury decision in the United States since the start of the pandemic. A jury in Marshall, Texas found that five patents had been infringed. They also found that the violation was intentional.

Apple has pledged to appeal, stating that “such lawsuits from companies that accumulate patents simply to harass the industry are only serving to suppress innovation and harm consumers.”

Source: Patently Apple

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