Apple overtakes Samsung in the global smartphone market in Q4 2020

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Android is no longer the leader among smartphones. Analysts at Gartner estimate that Apple outstripped Samsung by 4.6%, taking a large market share in the fourth quarter of 2020. Apple’s sales rose sharply from the previous year, most likely due to lower sales from Huawei.

This is an important period for Apple. They topped the top spot for the first time since 2016. Many factors contributed to the rise for the company: the postponement of the iPhone 12 announcement from September to October due to the pandemic; the decline of Huawei due to US sanctions; Samsung has a problem with increased competition from popular Chinese brands that have entered the global market and the emergence of a large number of budget smartphones on the market.

What happens when people get vaccinated against the coronavirus? When will they be able to work fully, and earnings will become much higher? Perhaps this will help Samsung regain its leadership in the global market or secure a new leader in the person of Apple.

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