Apple to unveil new OS versions at WWDC21 online event, when can we expect it?

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Apple, which is known for quality and unique devices, has confirmed that WorldWide will take place online. This event is scheduled for early summer, it will include a huge number of new products for the OS: iOS, macOS, tvOS and many others.

To view WWDC 2021 Apple will not have to pay huge amounts of money, and the company has also made free admission for all developers, which will save many participants in the event money. She will also run online sessions, one-on-one labs for technical guidance, and more.

The event will run for five days, from June 7 to 11. Many developers will speak at it and, possibly, the company will present a new operating system for developers, but only in beta. It will also release the next generation of operating systems for smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices. It’s time for Apple to add something groundbreaking to the OS, not just another widget. Therefore, every fan, developer or simply interested user is simply obliged to attend this event.

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