Apple unveils iMac 2021 – first generation with powerful M1 chipset

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Apple at today’s presentation unveiled the new iMac – a revolution in all its glory. After all, the new device offers seven vibrant, unique colors. From the front, the iMac looks discreet and simple, but from the back, it’s just an explosion of emotion. In addition, the thickness of the screen has reached 11.5 inches, which is very surprising.

The new iMac is equipped with a powerful M1 processor, which, together with macOS Big Sur, is 85% faster than previous models. The display has also been enlarged, now it is 24 inches. In addition, it received a quality Super Retina 4.5 screen, a maximum brightness of 500nits, 11.3 million pixels and immersive TrueTon technology. Thanks to the M1, the iMac 2021 is 50% thinner than the previous generation.

The camera has been updated: now it is 1080p FaceTime; added a new sound with six speakers and two pairs of subwoofers. New design for mouse and keyboard; the keyboard now has several new keys: do not distract, dictate, emoji and Touch ID. Users should expect magnetic charging, as well as a built-in Internet adapter for charging. You can send notifications, text, and images to your iMac from your iPhone.

The new iMac will be available for pre-order on April 30, and in the second half of May it will go to the global market. The initial price will be $ 1,299 (RUR 99,990).

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