Apple is now preparing to release a new line of laptops, including the MacBook Air. The editor told this of the authoritative resource Bloomberg Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman).

Apple will fulfill the dream of its longtime fans.  MagSafe Magnetic Charger Returns to MacBook Laptops
Steve Jobs Unveils MacBook Air

According to the source, Apple has decided to respond to criticism and requests from longtime loyal Mac users. Yes, we are talking about the return of the legendary MagSafe magnetic charging technology.

The next generation of Apple-branded processors is also expected in the new MacBook Air. The company will try to make 13-inch notebooks more compact by “squeezing” the bezels around the display and thinner and lighter. A 15-inch version is also being considered. The standard 13-inch version is expected to have a pair of USB 4 connectors. While the late 2002 models are seen as an entry-level offering by Apple, the new MacBook Air will be a class above.

Note that the other day, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his connections with the Apple production chain, predicted the return of MagSafe to the high-end MacBook Pro series. Thus, two independent sources are already talking about the appearance of MagSafe in Apple laptops.

As a reminder, Apple has been using MagSafe power connectors in its laptops since 2006. The design provided magnets’ use to hold the adapter, which users really liked as a safe and convenient solution. However, after 10 years, Apple began to get rid of MagSafe. The first laptop without a MagSafe connector was the MacBook Pro, introduced in late 2016. By 2019, Apple had finally gotten rid of MagSafe and completely switched to USB Type-C for powering laptops.

Mark Gurman has a solid track record of leaking Apple products over the years. Last year, for example, he unveiled the iPhone 12 lineup long before the announcement, and in 2019 the iPhone 11.

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