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Applications open for the first global CBT of the anime shooter Project Snow

Cute anime third-person shooter Project Snow is preparing for a global CBT. The date of the event is not yet known, but until May 22, you can apply through a special Google form to be able to participate.

Testing will take place exclusively on mobile devices running Android, and participants will be sent a link to the Apk file via email. In theory, this may mean that if it is available, everyone will be able to play. During this stage, the NDA will take effect, so the developers are asked not to publish the gameplay on the network.

During the CBT, players will be able to experience most of the Project Snow content and progress through the storyline up to and including Chapter 6. Of the supported languages, only English has been announced so far, but they promise to add several new ones to the release.

Project Snow is a third-person shooter for PC and mobile developed by Chinese studio Dragon Li Studios. The game offers nice anime-style graphics, a wide variety of characters with their own characteristics, a single player story campaign and a cooperative mode. The release date has not yet been confirmed.

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