Approximate release window for PC version of Bless Unleashed announced

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The final testing of the PC version of Bless Unleashed was called quite successful by the developers from Round8 Studio, as the project was tried by about 400,000 people. Part of this number also left feedback, and based on it, the authors plan to continue working until the release around mid-July.

It is planned, first of all, to rework the interface so that it looks less like a console one and is more convenient for users on a PC. They also promise to improve the overall quality of the game, add in-game tutorials, improve the combat system, update other systems and much more.

Bless Unleashed is a Free Fantasy Massively Multiplayer RPG developed by Round 8 on the UE 4 Engine and published in Europe by Neowiz. The project is currently only available in the console version for PS4 and Xbox One, but later it will be released on PC.

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