April News Brief: Pitch Clash, A Game of Thrones and Others | nodonation_mobile

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News number 1

From April 8 to April 20, the Pitch Clash MBT takes place from Konami… If you are on Android and love football, then go ahead and test this cobmo of football manager and turn-based strategy.

News number 2

On April 7, along with the announcement of the new DLC, a mobile digital version of the A Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Digital Edition was released for iOS and Android. The fans will probably rejoice (I haven’t watched the first episode: P).

News number 3

Black Desert Mobile has an update. Constellations is a new feature, which includes new locations, challenges and rewards that increase characteristics. All this joy is available to a group of clan members of up to 6 people.

News number 4

The mobile games market grew by 40% in the first quarter of 2021 on an annualized basis, it was spent $ 9 billion more than in the quarter of 2020, an average of about a billion games were downloaded weekly, an increase of 15%, spending is predicted at $ 120 billion in 2021. Info from App Annie

News number 5

PUBG Mobile has a new map – Karakin… Also, King Kong and Godzilla are hanging around somewhere in the game to celebrate the movie’s release. Check it out on Friday. Let me remind you that the channel broadcasts at least 15 hours of pubg per week: 8 hours a night from Friday to Saturday and 7 hours from Sunday morning. We continue our path to the conqueror, play with the audience, clan members and regular spectators have priority over ordinary spectators in their aspirations to play along with the streamer.

News number 6

Announcement of 3 new games from Supercell in the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale universe: turn-based strategic Clash Quest – combine units, Clash Mini – light version of autochess, Clash Heroes – top-down action, go through maps, travel around the world of Clash, fight in arenas together with friends. The studio does not act, the revenue is falling for the fourth year, it is not a typical step for them to go to the announcement of games in early development, and at the same time, this is not all games in development.

News number 7

Just the other day, Cyberika was released – this is a cyberpunk action RPG from Kefir, known for such games as Last Day on Earth: Survival, Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival and Frostborn: Coop Survival. On this occasion, an unscheduled stream is scheduled for Friday under the heading “First Look”. We’ll see!

And today is Thursday on the channel traditional stream with draws for Last Day On Earth: Survival… The season is over, the boat needs to be assembled and more attention can be paid to the crater.

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