Archery Hunting deer hunting with a test run on Android

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Like hunter games? Then the guys from the studio Delusion can offer Archery Hunting. This is a vertical action PvP battle theme. Only instead of hunting each other, players will search and headshots on animals. We are being selected for an “equal opponent” that we do not see. The whole action takes place in some kind of savanna with low grass and trees. After each murder, we are shown how valuable the reward was, how much it weighs, and so on. There is no slow-mo in headshots, but the camera can follow the arrow slightly.

There is no music, only the sounds of nature. If it were not for such a terrible schedule, then one could even relax. The duel is won by the one with the most points. They are issued for killing rare animals. After a couple of games, the project may get bored because of the monotony.

Archery Hunting is already available on Android in several countries; probably worth connecting to Southeast Asia. Surprisingly, the game has Russian (if you believe TapTap). There you can pre-register for iOS.

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