Arena Breakout to be released this summer in China

Tencent Mobile opened a page for Arena Breakout in the App Store. Along with it appeared an approximate release date, summer 2022.

Arena Breakout is a mobile looter shooter that will definitely change the attitude towards the genre on smartphones. Players enter complex operations, often focusing only on sound. So, the Chinese version of this game should appear on July 26th, according to the App Store. While the developers have not confirmed this information. If this is true, then we expect a synchronous release on Android as well; subscribe to be among the first to receive the APK and instructions.

As for the next CBT, there will be a wipe first on April 30th; it will affect everything except leaderboards, character level, and completed quests. An additional set for the new season, starting on April 8, will be held from March 30 to April 4 inclusive. There is an opinion that old testers will be able to invite new ones. In the new beta test, Tencent is going to add an event and a card with high risk, but expensive and rare items.

App Store (China)

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