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AI command is an important part of the game. This section contains useful information about commanding a team.

Under the ~ key is the main menu for commands. Commands from this menu will be executed by each unit of your team. To request one unit, hover over that unit and you should see a number with that individual’s name. So if the number is 4, the menu command for that device will be under the F4 key.

If you want a unit to move to a specific location, go to that unit’s command menu and select Move There. Now use the crosshair and aim it at the place where you want to move this unit, and then click “Move there” again.

Now open the Move menu by entering the command menu of one of your units and pressing the 1 key. The commands in this menu are:

Return to Formation – All units return to their default formation.

Advance – The selected unit will advance a few meters forward.

Stay where you are – the selected unit will stand behind you in the ranks.

Left Flank – The selected unit will move to your left flank.

Right Flank – The selected unit will move to your right flank.

Stop – The selected unit will stop and stay in that position until you tell it to move.

Wait for me – if the selected unit is far ahead of you, it will stop and wait until you get there.

Find cover – during contact with the enemy, the selected unit begins to seek cover.


Another important menu is Attack. Open it by entering the command menu of one of your units and then press the 3 key. The commands in this menu are:

Open Fire – Selected units open fire on marked enemies.

Hold Fire – Selected units will hold fire.

Fire – If the target unit is under the Hold Fire command but still has enemies marked, then the Fire command will cause the selected unit to open fire and return to Hold Fire after the enemy is killed.

Engage – the selected unit will begin to chase the marked enemy, leaving the formation. He will return after the enemy is killed.

Participate at will – the selected unit will fight every marked enemy

Disabled – The selected unit that received the “Capture” commands will return to service.

Scan horizon – Selected units will scan the horizon looking for an enemy.

Observe direction – the selected block will carefully scan the direction you have chosen.


If you see a group of enemies and want your team to open fire, you have two options. Move the crosshair on an enemy and then select the command menu of one of your squads – the first option that should appear in that menu is Attack (enemy) – select that and then click open fire. The selected unit will attack the enemy.

You can do the same, but without seeing the enemy. Select a device, enter its command menu and press the 2 key. You will see a menu with a list of enemies that are in the field of view of this unit. Select one of the enemies and click “Open Fire”.


The next menu is Mount. You can open it by going to the command menu of one of your units and then pressing the 4 key. The commands in this menu will allow you to send units to the selected vehicle at different positions.

To send a squad to a vehicle, aim your crosshair at the selected vehicle and then click “Receive to (vehicle)” – you will see a menu from which you can select the position you want to send this unit to.

You can also command a unit to drive a car in a selected location. Send a unit to the driver’s seat of the selected vehicle, enter that unit’s command menu, and then click “Move to” at the desired location where the unit should go.


Using the action menu, you can command a squad to heal yourself or others, as well as collect weapons and ammo from dead enemies.

To heal a wounded unit, you must have a Medic on your team. Go to your Medic’s command menu and press the 6 key. If one of your units is injured, you should see a command called Heal (unit).

The same goes for picking up weapons or ammo, only that every unit can do it, not just the Medic. Just enter the command menu of the selected unit, press 6, and if there are any dead bodies in the area, you will notice a command called, for example. Take Katiba 6.5 mm.

Combat modes

The next useful menu is combat mode. Enter the command menu of one of your units and then press the 7 key.

Stealth – Selected units will go into stealth mode and will try not to make noise and hold fire.

Danger – Selected units will go into danger mode – their weapons will always be raised and they will attack the enemy as soon as they see him.

Awareness – The selected unit will go into Awareness Mode – their weapon will be lowered, but it will go into Danger Mode as soon as an enemy is in sight.

Safe – Selected units will go into safe mode and avoid firefights.

Stand Up – Selected units will move to a standing position.

Stay Crouched – Selected units will go into a crouch position.

Move to the side – the selected units will go to the prone position.

Copy my position – the selected units will move to the position you are currently in.


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