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Wasteland was and still is one of the most popular mods for ArmA II, so no one was surprised when it came to ArmA III.

In Wasteland, you can be a member of two factions: BLUFOR (USA), OPFOR (Iran) or Independent. The latter have no allies, so if you choose this faction, you will be on your own.

The main goal is to survive – there is both hunger and thirst. If you get too hungry or thirsty, you will begin to lose health, which in turn will lead to your death.

Getting food or water won’t be your only concern as there are many other players on the island who want to get rid of you.

You start with a PO7 pistol, but you can find many other weapons scattered all over the island, hidden in vehicles. You can even buy them from gun shops that are marked on the map. You earn money by killing other players or completing various missions. Missions appear at scheduled intervals, and they usually vary by server. The goals of these missions are usually simple – for example, at some point, a destroyed car will appear on the island, surrounded by a bunch of AI-controlled enemies. The group of players who reach this location first and kill all the enemies will be rewarded with a box filled with weapons or money.

One of the most interesting elements of the Wasteland is building your own base. There are many building elements scattered around the map, such as sandbags or sniper towers. Such items can be moved and placed in the car, if, of course, there is enough space.

Wasteland Player Menu

Stratis Life

In this mod, you can basically lead your “second life”. There are many features and probably more will be added in the future. You can become a cop and live by the law, or you can become a criminal and rob anything and everything – although once you get caught, you end up in jail. You will need a driver’s license to buy your own car, which you can lock so no one else can get into it. You can buy the right to bear arms and use them in self-defense if you are attacked. The amount of money you get depends on the server, but it will definitely increase if you find a job.

It is difficult, however, to find a good server. Most of them are not controlled by their administrators, and the police and civilians do whatever their heart desires.

Affairs in Stratis Life happen on a daily basis - Stratis Life - Multiplayer servers - Arma III - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Things happen daily at Stratis Life

Domination Co-op / TvT

Domination servers are divided into two modes: Co-op where all players are allies and they fight AI and TvT controlled enemy where two teams both controlled by players fight each other.

In both modes, new missions and checkpoints, similar to the Wasteland, appear from time to time. The team that manages to capture the point wins, but the satisfaction of winning is the only reward. There are no rounds and the battle lasts forever.

After logging into the server, you will be displayed in your team’s database. You’ll find crates of weapons and ammo, as well as a variety of vehicles, both aircraft and ground vehicles. Servers usually assign pilots, so they bring new players to the battlefield.

The most important thing in this mod is cooperation between players, so if you want to play on your own, this mod is not for you.

Chopper flies away with a new batch of soldiers - Domination Co-op/TvT - Multiplayer servers - Arma III - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Chopper flies away with a new batch of soldiers


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