Armada: Legend of Warships brings naval combat to smartphones

Publisher Pandagaming launched an early war game in Asia with beautiful girls and powerful water battles.

Armada: Legend of Warships is a mobile project that, although it won’t replace World of Warships, will help pass the time in naval battles. Your task is to destroy enemy ships and even fight ice and huge bosses. Battles in Armada are turn-based, they cannot be set to auto-mode, and each ship has its own abilities. The plot is revealed through text dialogues, it’s a pity that they are in English and not voiced.

As in RAID, the first boss destroys the entire squad, after which you have to start over. There are three ships to choose from, there is no division into nations, but two of them clearly represent the Japanese branch.

The developers promise PvP battles and hundreds of combinations. You can also arrange raids on other players, and daily tasks will allow you to set up a constant flow of materials and currency. Together with the clan, it will be possible to arrange trips to the legendary bosses. Now Armada is available only on Android, and then in Southeast Asia. Our sources say that an iOS version is coming soon.

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