Arrr! – a platformer about a ninja pirate like Ninja Arashi, the game was released on smartphones

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Remember Ninja Arashi? So, another game was released according to its type – “Arrr!”. The idea is this: we jump across locations with pirate sailing ships in the background. Our hero is a pirate. He jumps high and throws knives at opponents. The plot is simple: our ship was stolen by some bearded pirate with an open skull, we need to return the stolen goods. The controls are arcade, the graphics are lagging on the iPhone 8. Probably the Unity engine was used for development.

The character dies from being touched or falling on spears and other traps. Enemies can be quickly destroyed with a sword, only such an attack has a long cooldown. At the levels you need to find gems, coins and anchors. For the unlucky, save points are scattered across the locations. There are secret places with profit. To hide from the eyes of the enemy, you can temporarily turn into a barrel.

Arrr! is already available on iOS and Android. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 169 rubles per item… There is a Russian localization.

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