ArtCraft and Razer to Host First MMORPG Crowfall Tournament

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ArtCraft Entertainment MMORPG creators Crowfall have announced a partnership with Razer to host the first tournament. The championship will consist of ten events that will take place on the official Twitch channel of the game from April 13.

12 teams of 5 players will try to make their way through the War for the Throne arena before the world collapses. They will have about 30 minutes to do this. The total prize pool will be $ 50,000, half of which will go to the winners in cash, while the rest will be split among the three finalists in the form of Razer peripherals and Intel processors.

During the tournament, Twitch Drops will be active, which means that all players who watched eSports matches will receive various rewards after entering the game. Among them: epic emotions, mounts, unique skins and other game items.

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