Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Cultists

One of the through storylines of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is dedicated to the cultists, who must be hunted down and killed. Searching for cultists is a very interesting activity within the game: you will find scraps of information about them by completing quests and finding clues in various places. Some of them can be found in the game world, literally stumbling upon them, others will appear only after completing certain tasks. You can only fight a couple of villains in the Arena, a few more will reveal themselves during the story – so don’t rush to catch and kill everyone ahead of time.

When you have collected all the clues about the cultist, an icon will appear on the map marking his location. All that remains for you is to go to him and kill a powerful enemy. This will give you not only moral satisfaction, but also valuable trophies that are collected in sets in each of the five branches.

Delian League


Brison lives in the northern part of the island of Salamis. You can find information about him after completing the main mission “Escape from Athens”.


The gift is located on the island of Delos, and if you want to find it, then you must complete side quests in the Silver Isles. We are talking about an additional mission called Hades, where you will meet Podark.


Rexenor is a cultist who resides in the northwestern part of Athens. You will meet him during one of the role-playing missions.


Iobath can be found on the island of Lemnos, located in the northeastern part of the map. Information related to him will appear after killing Gift and a high-ranking mercenary.


You can find Codra on the island of Lesbos, located in the northeast of the map. You will receive a hint about him after defeating the fourth champion, Chitos, in the arena battles as part of an additional quest.


Unlike other members of the inner circle of cultists, you will find Cleon during one of the last missions. You will meet him in Macedonia.

Peloponnesian Union


Skylax can be found on the island of Evia, in its western part. Information about him is contained in the mission “Legacy of the Serpent” and in a document in Fort Xerxes.


You will automatically land on this cultist during the quest. The man is in a cave in the main city of Corinth.


You will find Silanos on a ship near the island of Paros. The naval battle will begin during the main mission called “In unity is strength.”


Callium is located in the western part of the map, in an area called Alice. You can find him during the main mission related to the Olympics, after the task with the poisoning of Alkibid.

Archon Lagos

You will meet Lagos during the main missions in Arcadia. If during the campaign you saved the believer’s family, then you can persuade him to leave the organization. Otherwise, you will have to kill him.


You will meet Pausanias in the center of Sparta. To find out his identity, you can kill the other five cultists. Then the real identity of Pausanias will be immediately revealed to you.

Gods of the Aegean


Asterion is most commonly found north of Andros Island, although it may occur in other waters near this region. You will learn his identity after completing the Snake Leg quest.


You will find Sokos after you capture the region in Melos (Obsidian Islands region). The enemy will appear on the ship in the final battle. You will receive information about this character after defeating Asterion.


Octopus can be found on a battleship near the islands of Thira and Anafi. You will learn about his identity after killing Sokos.


You will meet up with Melanthus in the waters near Mesara (southeast part of the map), after getting rid of the local leader in Mesara.

Mytilene Shark

You will find it after killing Melant and searching for the chest in the underwater ruins. It is located in the area south of the island of Samos.


Hydra is located in the southwest of the map. You will learn his identity after defeating five previous fans from this branch.

Bloodline Admirers


Chrisms can be found in Argolis during the main quest. If you don’t kill her, then you can complete the quest: “Death Comes to All” and then get rid of the cultist.


You can find Dione on the island of Kythera, south of Laconia. In order to get on her trail, you must complete all the additional tasks on the island (an additional condition may also be the early killing of Arpalos). At the end, you will need to choose one of the two women and then point to the woman on the right.


Melith lives in an area called Messara in the southeastern part of the map. You can find it in the fort and get the key after killing Dione.


Zoisma resides in Malis, a region in the northwest. He stands in front of the cave with the bear. You will find the key after completing the Snake Leg quest.


Harpala can be found on one of the pirate islands, in particular, in Keos. He’s in the cave of the Ares cultists. You can get the key to it after killing Chrisis or communicating with the faithful Ares, for example, in the Growing Disease quest.


Jocasta’s identity will be revealed after killing five previous cultists of this branch. You will find him on the island of Chios, which is located in the southeast of the map. Be careful, because a bear accompanies her.

Heroes of the Cult


Okitos can be found in the southern part of Attica. He is located near the temple, and you will learn his identity after completing the main mission “The Serpent’s Lair”.


The swordfish can be found near the island of Mesara, after completing the Myth and the Minotaur quest.


Belos, who is called the Spartan Beast, is one of the champions in the arena in the Pefka region. You will find it during a side mission.


It can be found in the western part of Becha. You will receive a hint after killing Okitos and during a mission in the story campaign.


You will meet Pallas in Achaia if you weaken the Spartans in the region and fight on the side of the Athenians. During the battle, Pallas will appear on the battlefield.


You can learn the cultist’s identity after killing five previous cultists from this branch. You will meet him in the eastern part of Phokis.

Spirit of the Cosmos

After killing the first of the cultists in the upper circle, you will learn the identity of a high-ranking Cultist, who will turn out to be Daemon or Deimonia, the brother or sister of the protagonist. During the story campaign, you will make a decision – kill or let live.

Once you’ve dealt with all of the higher order worshipers, or nearly eliminated all opponents, you’ll finally be able to find out the identity of the cult leader.

And it will be a woman – Aspasia, with whom you will meet during the campaign. After learning her identity, go to the cave of the cultists in Phocis. On the spot, you will meet Aspasia, who will explain the reasons for the creation of the cult.

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