Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide – Where to Find Legendary Animals

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has legendary animals that have a quest chain associated with them: a hunter in your settlement will reward you with valuable items for the skin of each animal. Here’s where to look for them.

  • Hordafylke – on the island in the center of the location is a huge bear.
  • Rygjafylke – in the central part of the region, near the waterfall, you will meet an aggressive moose.
  • Oxfordshire – A pack of wolves lives to the west of Ernningston.
  • East of England – To the northeast of Colchester you will find a vicious black dog.
  • Lincolnshire – A spotted wolf settled northeast of Elfgarstun.
  • Jorvikshire – A dangerous boar will be waiting for you northeast of Repton.
  • Shiropshire – A bloodthirsty bear lives in the ruins east of Quatford.
  • Sussex – south of Lunden you will encounter a herd of bulls.
  • Hamptunshire – Head southwest of Winchester to encounter a couple of lynxes.
  • Jotunheim – Head east of Utgard to fight the Ice Bear.
  • Vinland – North of Tionontate you will find a big elk.

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