Astral Chain download torrent For PC

Astral Chain download torrent

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Astral Chain download torrent on PC is another game that has managed to combine elements of adventure and role-playing entertainment. Now the user has access to a huge number of a wide variety of battles and vivid battles. A truly unusual and interesting world opens up before the player. A person can safely choose any character and go to fierce battles. Unusual battles lie ahead. He will have to pump his hero. This is what will allow not only to participate in battles, but to win. Therefore, it is worth taking your character seriously.

Story line

The basis of this plot was an unusual adventure. Mankind had to escape from a number of creepy aliens. These creatures actively began to attack all living things that are on Earth. They flew here through the space of time. In addition to the fact that they themselves are trying to destroy people, they also brought a terrible disease called the red mother. She not only influenced the perception of people, but also made them real creatures. Those who could survive and not fall into the clutches of these monsters had to hide. Their refuge was a small town called the Ark. But after some time, the creatures came here with their deadly disease. In order to somehow fight alien creatures, people created a special squad, which is now called Neuron. This has become a real team of law enforcement officers. They easily cope with even the most terrible creatures. Stronger and more gifted guards worked in a team with another character. Their main task is to resist the aliens and cope with the disease. The more people are saved, the more likely it is that people can drive the creatures off their planet.


  • Astral Chain is a really interesting and addictive game. The user can choose absolutely any character. This will allow you to fight the creatures and save humanity from them. Ahead of the heroes are waiting for the most unusual and difficult battles. That is why it is recommended to stock up on a powerful weapon. The whole process of the game will revolve around the very department, which is faced with the mission to save humanity from the creatures.
  • Astral Chain download torrent on PC allows you to master the most unusual tools that make it possible to cope with terrible creatures. Believe me, you have never seen such a variation of the game. This is really unusual and at the same time interesting entertainment.

System requirements


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