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AudioMASTER download torrent

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AudioMASTER torrent download is one of the simplest, but very effective programs. The application improves the quality of the sound in any song, making it clear, clear, without any flaws and interference. Also, the program allows you to create unique compositions for any musician, from an amateur to a professional. If you are looking for a free, lightweight, simple yet effective program, then this one is for you.

Program features

AudioMASTER allows you to create melodies that will not make people’s ears twist into a tube. The application creates unique sounds, records a bunch of tracks at the same time, and the result is a gorgeous song. You can change the recorded tracks in real time. The program is great for those who do not have special musical equipment, especially expensive ones. We can say that the program replaces all these things with virtual instruments, which gives the musical composition a certain charm. Record sound directly into the application, or separately by downloading the audio first to your computer, and then transferring it to the program. You can move the file to any Internet resource and from there upload it to the application. After that, the application will do its best to clear the sound of problem areas, noise, interference and other shortcomings. Set the correct frequency, make sure that the vocals hit exactly the beat so that the sound is clear and crisp. The settings are quite simple, but very effective. Equalizer, as one of the most useful tools, can help you achieve wow effect. Use Speech Understanding to improve the pronunciation of words in an audio file. “Noise Reduction” is able to suppress all individual noise generated during recording. And this often happens if you record audio on a laptop’s built-in microphone or on a professional one, but without noise reduction. Also, you can mute some sound so that the words are easier to perceive, rather than the music. If you are recording several tracks at the same time, be sure to use the “Normalization” preset. This setting will help you adjust the sound so that it is the same on all recorded tracks. Thus, the volume will be the same everywhere. You no longer have to make it quieter, then louder, switching the track over and over again. Download the AudioMASTER torrent if you need a simple but very high quality program.

Software processes

With the release of new versions of the application, tools are updated here, parameters are added to the equalizer, and performance and optimization for other services are also increased. For the most part, this applies to cloud storage. And this is an important parameter, since it is not always profitable to store files on a computer’s hard drive. Much easier when they contain a cloud service. Thanks to direct synchronization between the program and the cloud, you can easily deliver files back and forth without wasting time. Rendering takes a little time, but it all depends on the settings and tools used. Don’t forget about filters that can improve your song to the max. We advise you to use musical instruments and record the song live. Although the program has the ability to replace them with virtual ones.

Features AudioMASTER

  • many tools;
  • simple but effective program;
  • virtual music;
  • synchronization with cloud services;
  • saving in any format;
  • use of filters, presets;
  • cleansing from noise, shortcomings, problem areas;
  • voice equalization, speech calibration.

Downloading the AudioMASTER torrent is a must for everyone who is professionally involved in music.

System requirements

  • Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10


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