Autobattler AFK 2 Journey appeared in Asia and the West

The mobile game AFK 2 Journey is available on Android in several countries. It has nice anime graphics.

AFK 2 Journey is a role-playing game where you assemble a team of fantasy heroes from the Middle Ages. Project right away catchy with a cartoonish and pleasant palette of colors. Also, the gameplay is uncomplicated – you control a squad that moves along the corridor locations and meets enemies on its way. Before the start of the battle, it is necessary to place the units in positions, then they fight automatically; their chance of winning depends on what element they belong to and how pumped they are.

Upgrading heroes in AFK 2 Journey is done with one tap in the main menu, the same goes for equipment. The developers say that players can get many rewards through idle-pharma. As for the plot, it is revealed through small cut-scenes with voiced characters, but clumsy animations. Most likely, there is no Russian language.

Countries where AFK 2 Journey is available

  • Philippines;
  • India;
  • Australia;
  • Canada;
  • Great Britain.

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