Everyone knows that a full-fledged autopilot is not a standard feature of Tesla cars – you have to pay a round sum for it. It changes frequently, but at the moment, in the US, it is $ 10,000! The situation is complicated for those who are not going to buy a car, but, for example, use a leasing program: in the United States, after several years of using the car, they can return it to the dealer and change to another model. Agree. It’s one thing when you pay $ 10,000 for your car, and quite another when you have to pay the same amount for a car you will use for only a few years. Therefore, a monthly subscription to such an expensive function has been around for a long time, but it seems to be resolved very soon.

Autopilot by subscription?  It will appear in Tesla electric vehicles in early 2021

Tesla will offer an autopilot subscription for its vehicles in early 2021. This was stated by the head of the company Elon Musk. This means that Tesla will have to pay for the full range of autonomous driving features in the same way as for a phone or an apartment. In the United States, this money will be automatically debited from a bank account. Tesla will announce the cost of the subscription during the introduction of the new tariff plan.

The monthly autopilot fee is also good for those who would like to try out a feature before purchasing the entire feature. It will be enough to pay for a month, actively use it – and the decision to fully purchase or not buy an autopilot will be much easier than based on some half-hour dealer test drive.

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