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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide All Partners Baldur's Gate 3 Guide - All Partners

You don’t have to hunt down, rescue, and try to recruit every character in the game to figure out who would be the best fit for your party of adventurers, and who might not even be taken on a journey.

So, whether you want to know right away who you should and shouldn’t deal with, or are already considering starting a new campaign with a different lineup of participants to experience a completely different game experience, below we have detailed the location, class, race and some features of each companion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Just in case, we warn you that in the process of reading the article, you may stumble upon spoilers regarding the options for the endings of various quests and the appearance of some plot characters.



  • Location: Joins your group as part of a story quest in the prologue aboard the Nautiloid, after which he finds himself locked in a cage north of the Cliffs by the Road rune circle.
  • Class: Warrior
  • Race: Githyanki

The first companion you will meet in Baldur’s Gate 3 will be Laezel. She is a githyanki warrior who also wakes up in the captivity of the Mind Flayers and tries to get out with you. Eventually, after escaping the Nautiloid, you’ll find that she’s been captured again, but now by the local tieflings, and you can decide whether or not to mess with her again, given her nasty and grumpy nature.

Laezel is a very powerful warrior, even by the standards of other githyanki. She knows several unique combat skills that can come in handy during a fight. In addition, Laezel has some impressive strength stats, making her a good choice as a starting companion for beginners.



  • Location: Aboard the Nautiloid in one of the locked capsules.
  • Class: Priest/Domain of Deception
  • Race: High Elf

During the escape from the Nautiloid, you will hear a cry for help from a girl who will ask you to free her from a captive capsule. So you will get acquainted with Shadowhart – a mysterious half-elf who is always worn with some mysterious artifact. If you manage to rescue her from captivity, she can become your constant companion. If you fail, you have another chance to find her at the crash site. If you don’t recruit her, future encounters will result in her attempting to attack you.

Since Shadowheart is a Priest of the Deception Domain special subclass, she has access to numerous unique protection and support spells. Some of her spells can heal you and other allies, while others improve your chances on the battlefield. If you think that every real adventurer squad must have a healer, then you will not find a better candidate for this role.



  • Location: After the prologue, you will hear him asking for help near the Nautiloid wreck on the Broken Shore.
  • Class: Dodger
  • Race: high elf

One of the first companions to be encountered in Baldur’s Gate 3 after the Nautiloid lands.

Astarion is a high elf and vampire who is tormented by bloodlust. Although he tries to keep his sanity and quenches his thirst with animal blood, at some point he will try to convince you to let him turn the protagonist into a vampire.

He can be found near the wreckage of the wrecked Nautiloid, where he asks for help.

Astarion belongs to the class of rogues and, accordingly, is especially good at stealth attacks. In addition, it deals more damage with each subsequent attack, which is quite useful considering how long fights in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be.



  • Location: At the Roadside Rocks waypoint above the Nautiloid wreck.
  • Class: Wizard
  • Race: Human

Gale is another companion that you can add to your squad after completing the battle on the Nautiloid. Finding it is also easy. After you get off the hard landing, head higher towards the cliffs, where your path will be interrupted by a cut-scene introducing you to the character.

Gale is a virtuoso wizard who wields powerful magic and numerous unique spells that can be used in a variety of interesting ways on the battlefield and beyond. This is the best teammate in Baldur’s Gate 3 if you want to turn your every fight into a spectacular magical performance.

However, be prepared for the fact that Gale needs to regularly bring various magical artifacts, which he must absorb in order to avoid some kind of disaster, which you can talk to him about later.



  • Location: Camp in the Druid Grove during the attack of the goblins
  • Class: Witch
  • Race: Human

Will immediately appears before the player as a very outstanding person. For the first time you will meet him fighting with goblins at the gates of the camp, deftly wielding his rapier and releasing his witticisms. If you help him in battle and invite him to the squad, you will recognize him from a completely different side.

Will is a high-born warlock who made a pact with a she-devil to gain his powers, who now uses him for her villainous purposes. At the same time, Will himself positions himself as the heroic “Blade of the Frontier” – the defender of the weak and oppressed.

Because he belongs to the sorcerer class, players have access to several impressive spells, including some dubious magic tricks he picked up from working closely with the forces of darkness.



  • Location: Can be found at the beginning of the game on the Green Road near the river
  • Class: Barbarian
  • Race: Tiefling

Karlach is a female tiefling who was previously held captive by the archdevil Zariel, but after escaping from the underworld on the ship of the Mind Flayers, like you, she was infected with a larva.

Karlagh is a formidable warrior who not only knows how to handle weapons well in close combat, but also has a couple of magic tricks in reserve, thanks to her lineage. In turn, the barbarian class endowed her with rather high power characteristics.

You will meet Carlach at a place called the Vskhozhaya Path. However, be prepared for the fact that she has, to put it mildly, a difficult relationship with Will, and if you want to get both partners as partners, you will have to resolve their conflict peacefully.

Temporary and optional



  • Location: In one of the cages in the goblin camp, but keep in mind that he will be in the form of a bear.
  • Class: Druid
  • Race: Forest Elf

As you make your way to the grove on the Ruined Shore, you will probably hear more than once about a certain kind druid named Halsin. If you follow the main questline, you will be tasked with finding and rescuing him from the goblin camp. Successfully rescuing Khalsin gives you a chance to persuade him to join your group.

Khalsin is a wood elf druid with the ability to shape-shift and control the forces of nature. If you like characters that can transform into bloodthirsty (to enemies) bears and use plants to poison or trap enemies, he will be the perfect companion for your squad in Baldur’s Gate 3.



  • Location: At the goblin camp
  • Class: Paladin
  • Race: drow

Mintara is a member of a race of dark elves called the drow who plans to attack the druids. Players can choose to side with her, however, this is a death threat for Halsin, so be careful.

Mintara belongs to the paladin class, which gives her access to the appropriate skills. So this is a rare case when you can play an RPG not as a pious knight, but as a dark paladin himself, but you need to be prepared in advance for all sorts of consequences of this style of passage.



  • Location: In the Last Light tavern, which can be reached after the first act of the main quest chain
  • Class: Druid
  • Race: half-elf

Jaheira is one of the few characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 that players are familiar with from previous installments, which is why many fans of the series will definitely want to get her into their squad. However, it is expected that this will not be so easy to do, and before meeting her, you will need to go through several serious tests and dangerous locations.

The good news is that you will meet anyway, because sooner or later you will have to go through the main plot, which will lead you to Jaheira. True, even after that she will not rush to you with open arms, and she will still need to be convinced to join you, but rest assured, having such an experienced ally in the squad is worth it.



  • Location: Ruins of the Undercity under Baldur’s Gate.
  • Class: Pathfinder
  • Race: Human

Another character, meeting with which will delight fans of the previous parts of Baldur’s Gate. Minsk is a tough ranger who also has an adorable pet hamster nicknamed Boo.

Getting to it is also not easy, and it will take some time. To be more precise, that you will meet him only in the third act.

Minsk will be located in the Underground City. You must complete Jaheira’s quest, go to the Accounting Office and speak with one of the bankers to find out his whereabouts. You then need to solve the puzzle in order to subsequently find it behind the sewer lock gate. Next, you need to make sure that Minsk stays alive until the end of the quest to eventually recruit him, which will be difficult to do given the inevitability of a confrontation with him, but still possible.



  • Location: Overgrown ruins north of the crash site.
  • Class: N/A
  • Race: N/A

Withered is a secondary optional character, which with all this can become an integral and very important part of your team. You will find it in a sarcophagus among the ruins after the fight with the undead, if you dare to go down there, which is not necessary.

Who he was once and why he became a walking corpse and at the same time retained his mind, you have yet to find out. If your conversation goes well, he will express a desire to join your mission, but he will not participate in the battles. Instead, he will make his undeniable contribution to the common cause in a different way: after he appears in the camp, you will be able to resurrect fallen allies, as well as change abilities and even character classes along the way.

For beginners who will figure out the ins and outs of leveling Baldur’s Gate 3 along the way and want to try different combinations of classes, subclasses and skills, the Withered can be an indispensable ally.



  • Location: In the forest, northeast of the Dead Village location
  • Class: N/A
  • Race: Dog

Shkryab is another optional companion that can be easily missed if you have no heart and can get past his plaintive barking. He will whine over the corpse of the murdered master. You can calm him down, pet him, and even chat with him using the “Conversation with Animals” skill, which is available to several classes at once. Once Shkryab gains confidence in you, you can tame him.

He will also not take part in battles, but upon returning to the camp after his heroic deeds, you can cheer yourself up by stroking the dog or playing with him, and as a thank you from time to time receive useful items that he will sniff out while you are away . Later, you can even bring him a friend in the form of an adorable owlet (baby bear, to be precise).

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