Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – Beginner Tips

BaldursGate32 Baldur's Gate 3 Guide - Beginner Tips

Loot collection

It can be tedious at times, but try to check all the loot you can – as long as you don’t get caught stealing. Most of the loot is pretty useless junk, but from time to time you can stumble upon potions, scrolls, and even weapons. The most valuable loot you can find is keys. If you are not a very good thief, then keys are your main way to get to hidden places with interesting stories and experiences.

The only exception is vases. At the moment, most of them are empty, but if you do not mind the time or you are just a perfectionist, you can find something there.

Attention: If you find a hidden door but can’t find the lever, try moving the crates nearby – it might be hidden behind them.


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There are many traps and other hidden objects scattered around the map, which are very useful to find. Before you open that obviously interesting sarcophagus, walk around the room to see what might work from such an opening. If possible, try to disable or block the traps. Like in Divinity, placing items above hatches will prevent them from spraying their contents.

In addition to traps, sufficiently attentive adventurers can find secret rooms and passages. Always be on the lookout – a lot of useful loot is hidden in them.

Control in battle

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In combat, you are limited in what you can do each turn, so healing can be prohibitively expensive. The elemental effects are rather weak compared to Divinity Original Sin, but the variety of cover types is key to survival and a great choice for spending actions at the beginning of the battle.

With the help of magic, blinding smoke and dangerous surfaces like ice and acid can be created. A similar effect can be achieved by archers if they find the appropriate arrows. The best way to gain an advantage is not to let the enemy get close and even see you, no matter how you do it.


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You can choose from five companions, but take only three with you at a time. Try to find the right balance – Larian has thought through many of the battles in such a way as to maximize the potential for diversity.

But one of the companions that we always recommend taking is Shadowheart. Her healing spells can literally save your life. In addition, she has good prices when trading and enough strength to carry a lot of weight, so you can use her as a “pack” character.

High position

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Ranged attacks benefit greatly when there is an advantage, and in this case, we mean a position on high ground. If you are positioned above your target, you get a large bonus to the chance of a successful attack. There are high ground on most potential battlefields.

But keep in mind that the AI ​​will also try to take advantage of these positions, so you need to take them first or suffer from archers that bring death from the sky, which are very difficult to hit. Even if you win, you will spend much more time to deal with the stubborn last enemy.


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Without light you cannot see. Logical, right? In Baldur’s Gate 3, this means less chance of a successful attack. If you are not going to play a specific role, we recommend that you choose a character with enhanced night vision.

Of course, there are spells that give you the ability to see in the dark or illuminate areas of the map, but they will require actions and spell slots, so they will still be a kind of compromise. Be that as it may, you will have to fight quite a lot in the dungeons, so it is better to be prepared.

Environmental destruction

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We’re trying to avoid spoilers, so we’ll just say that certain areas where you’ll be fighting have destructible terrain that can damage enemies and friends alike. The most obvious example is barrels, so it’s best to stay away from them in combat, but there are also much less visible objects. Everything is in the spirit of Larian – if it seems to you that some object can fall, then most likely it really is, so look at both.

In addition, there is a little trick with barrels – you can pick them up and carry them with you, and then set them where you need to create your own traps. Barrels of water will help create ice fields, with oil – to fill the battlefield with fire, with explosives – to arrange a big “boom”. Each barrel only weighs 10 units, so you can easily carry a few around for large battles that would otherwise be very difficult.

Bonus Actions

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On each turn, the character can move and take one action and one bonus action. Very often the latter is forgotten in the thirst to move on. This is a very annoying mistake – often a bonus can be a great help.

As a bonus action, you can use a potion, jump, hide, shove an enemy, or dip a weapon into a medium such as fire or acid to deal additional damage with that element. So there are a lot of options here. For example, by jumping, you can climb a hill or take cover after a shot. And melee fighters can be pushed back to knock them down before their attack.

Dice rolls

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Most of the results of your actions are determined by dice rolls, and this can be both a blessing and a bad thing. There are spells that increase your chance of luck and reduce it for opponents, but this tip is more about rolls in dialogue.

In conversations with NPCs, you will often have multiple options to choose from. If their result depends on the roll, then when you hover over them, you can see which attribute will be checked for. Try to choose options that your character is strong at, not ones that you “want” to say. This will lower the minimum number you need to roll for a successful roll.

Save often

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Don’t Forget the Magic Key F5! Not least because the game is still in early access and there are a lot of bugs in it. A quick save will help you not lose all your progress.

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