Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – How to Have a Bear Cub

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As you travel through the Forgotten Realms in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll encounter many unusual creatures, including the fearsome feathered Bears. And even if certain conditions are met in the game, you can have your own bear cub. Of course, these animals create a lot of problems, and growing up they may well want to eat you. But just look at this cute bully – don’t you really want to get yourself the same one?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can meet the bears in their cave, and then encounter the cub a second time in the goblin camp that you enter in the first act. For this to work, you must be a Tracker with the Training skill or use another way to talk to them (for example, the “Talk to Animals” spell available to various classes).

Don’t kill his mom!

The baby bear from the cave is the same one you see in the Goblin Camp, so you don’t need to kill its mother to make it a pet in your camp.

If you do do this, you will be able to make yourself a spear very effective against spiders – by taking the tip from the corpse of the mother and connecting it to the shaft received from the deceased person who told you about the cave – but for this you will have to deal with one one of the most serious enemies in Baldur’s Gate 3. After the death of his mother, the cub will start eating her, ignoring all your attempts to talk to him.

Goblin camp

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Once in the goblin camp, you will see that its inhabitants use the bear cub in their game of chasing chickens. Here you need to win his trust. The first option is you can talk to him when he is running around the camp, let himself be sniffed and find out that he is afraid to run away because of the goblins. The second option is to talk to Krolla and take part in chasing chickens yourself. Once in the arena, talk to the cub and say that the goblins will not harm him if he reaches the posts. Both conversations require a successful die roll.

In this case, you will win the game, after which you will have to convince Kroll to give you the prize and talk to the bear cub again to find out that he is afraid to run away because of the goblins. Now all you need to do is return to Krolla and tell her that you are leaving and taking the cub with you. A successful dice roll on one of the subsequent checks, or using an illithid’s ability, will allow you to take the hatchling peacefully. Otherwise, you will have to fight the goblins.

It is important not to kill the goblin leaders before you take the cub, otherwise it will become impossible. Shortly after completing the necessary actions, the bear cub should appear in your camp. Unfortunately, although he will be there, you can’t take him anywhere with you, at least for now. At the camp, you can feed him and heal his sore paw, and for now, this is all that can be done. Perhaps as the game progresses in Early Access, we will be able to fight together.

If you also got yourself a teddy bear and did something else with it, be sure to tell us about it in the comments!

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