Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – how to quickly find and defeat Gortash

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide how to quickly find and Baldur's Gate 3 Guide - how to quickly find and defeat Gortash

At first, the idea for the main conflict of Baldur’s Gate 3 seems obvious – evil Cthulhu-like creatures are trying to enslave everyone else with the help of brain worms. However, over time, the veil of a large-scale conspiracy with a large number of characters will begin to lift. One of the grise eminences of the cult of the Absolute and the main culprits of the entire nightmare happening on the Sword Coast will be Lord Gortash and, quite naturally, as a victim of the illithid infection, you will want to get even with him as soon as possible.

The problem is that at your first meeting he won’t even notice you, and later getting an audience with him will be extremely problematic. In this guide, we will explain the fastest way to get to Gortash and take revenge on him on behalf of all the inhabitants of Baldur’s Gate.

Where is Gortash

After you catch Gortash and Orin carrying out their evil plan to infect the Grand Duke of Ravengard with an illithid larva, the next time you will have the honor of witnessing the coronation of the conspirator in the fortress on Snake Rock in Baldur’s Gate, unless, of course, you want to disrupt this pathetic performance. The problem is that this is a closed event and no one officially invited you there, besides, Gortash is simply obsessed with his safety, so he filled the city with his mechanical Steel Guards.

Initially, the bridge leading to the fortress will be raised, and you can’t just get there. There are many ways to do this, and we have prepared a separate guide for this case.

How to Get Directly to the Coronation Hall in Baldur's Gate 3

The fastest and most effective way is to simply jump over or fly to the opposite side, using the appropriate scroll or spell. Once you do this, we recommend that you do not go to the main entrance, but go to the left along the walls of the fortress until you come across a platform with a vine. This way you can immediately get into the coronation hall and take Gortash and his retinue by surprise.

Next, we will tell you how you can finish off one of the main villains of the game without letting him say a word, but keep in mind that because of this you will miss a significant part of the plot’s outcome, and will also be forced to personally kill the Duke of Ravengard, drugged by a brain worm, who is Will’s father, but will fight on Gortash’s side. In addition, after what happened, the Steel Guards in the Lower City will be hostile towards you, so you will have to constantly avoid them. And finally, this battle promises to be very difficult.

How to disrupt the coronation and kill Gortash

How to disrupt the coronation and kill Gortash in Baldur's Gate 3

It is incredibly difficult to do this, but it is possible. Of course, first it would be nice to disable the Steel Guard, since these iron giants destroy 30-40 HP with one blow, but for this you need to complete a separate large quest in the next location.

If you don’t want to waste time on this and are ready to try your luck in an unequal battle with one of the potential final bosses of the game right now, then we will give you some advice.

Steel Guardians

Gortash's Steel Guards in Baldur's Gate 3

Guardians are not particularly susceptible to any type of damage other than electrical damage, so we recommend stocking up on barrels and water bottles and trying to turn the entire battlefield into a huge puddle and put on a flash and noise show, while positioning yourself somewhere further away or on a hill.

Moreover, when the Steel Guard has less than 70 HP left, it goes into self-destruct mode, throwing bombs at its feet. Thus, with proper luck and good placement of enemies, defeating one guard can cause a chain reaction and destroy all the others.

Bomb traps

Gortash's bomb traps in Baldur's Gate 3

In addition to the guards themselves, a greater threat will be posed by a protective system of devices located on the walls, which also throw out bombs when you approach, exploding on the next turn. On the other hand, you can turn this to your advantage if you can delay most of the enemies in the passage in the center of the hall, where there are three of these traps on each side, by activating them in advance and moving as far as possible from the epicenter of the impending explosion. The easiest way to do this is with the powerful spell “Black Tentacles of Evard,” which is available to level 7 magicians and exists in the form of one-time scrolls.

Evard's black tentacles in Baldur's Gate 3

If you have the ability to summon familiars or elementals to help, gather as many of them as possible to distract the guards. We also recommend stocking up on speed potions in advance to have an additional effect on each turn, as well as drinking elixirs that increase your strength, defense and other important characteristics.


How to kill Gortash in Baldur's Gate 3

As for Gortash himself, the surest way to kill him is to inflict paralysis, and then send him the strongest fighter who can carry out several powerful attacks in a row that can remove all 357 HP from him in one turn. If you wish, you can easily pump up your paladin by this point in the game to such a state that he will simply destroy the would-be Archduke of Baldur’s Gate with his Divine Punishment of a critical strike. It is very important to take out Gortash first, before he walks, since he has an invulnerability shield and the ability to restore a huge amount of temporary health points.

Kill Gortash in one turn in Baldur's Gate 3

We also remind you that, in addition to everyone else, several guards and Duke Ravengard himself will enter the battle, but after all of the above, this is unlikely to scare you.

By defeating Gortash you will receive that very Netherian stone – one of three with which you can control the higher brain of the Absolute. You took the first one from the defeated Ketheric Torm, and the last one is from Orin, who lives in the sewers of the Lower City. Essentially, by winning this grueling battle, you are as close to finishing the game as possible at this stage.

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