Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – How to turn on the generator and activate the elevator in the Magic Tower

The underground in Baldur’s Gate 3 is not just a land of shadows and unusual beauty. The Magic Tower located there can give curious adventurers who find it a fair dose of riddles.

The Magic Tower can be found by going south and then west from the Deepholm Beach. However, right at the entrance you will come across a magical elevator that does not work. This is a very convenient means of transportation between the numerous levels of the tower, and you will definitely want to activate it. To do this, you need to get to the generator on the lower floor and turn it on.

Magic Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get to the lowest floor of the Magic Tower, you will need to jump on the mushrooms outside. If your camera angle is oriented so that you are coming from the east, go to the south balcony and look to the right.

You will easily notice the blue mushrooms, which you can jump over to the balcony below, and eventually all the way to the bottom. Get there, rotate the camera, and you should see the door to the tower.

The Light Fall spell makes it much easier to reach the lower level of the Magic Tower without taking damage. If you don’t have one, send the character with the most health there, because if you fall, you will receive damage.

The door inside the Magic Tower will be locked. If your character is not such a skilled burglar, do not worry – you can knock it out with a weapon. However, before entering, look back and you will see a tree with blue sussura flowers on the ground.

It is very important to look around – the flower is necessary to turn on the generator. Take it and head inside. Walk around the room until you find a power generator part that you can interact with.

Put the sussura flower into an empty interface slot, press the merge button and wait a few seconds. You will see a cut-scene, where the consequences of your actions will be shown, and the elevator itself will work after it. Two buttons next to the elevator entrance allow you to choose the direction – up or down. This greatly simplifies research.

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