Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – Where to Find Arabella’s Parents

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide Where to Find Arabellas Parents Baldur's Gate 3 Guide - Where to Find Arabella's Parents

During your journey to Baldur’s Gate, these horned humanoid creatures will suffer a lot of troubles. As a result, a significant part of the side quests of Baldur’s Gate 3 can be combined under the general title “Tieflings need your help.” One of these needy people will more than once be Arabella, who, having been saved by you once, will face new, even more serious problems in the future.

If you intervened to help a tiefling girl named Arabella escape an overly harsh punishment for trying to steal a sacred Druid relic, and then saved the Emerald Grove from the followers of the Absolute, then in the second act you will have to search for her and her parents.

Where to find Arabella in Act 2

When you reach the Last Light tavern on the way to the Moon Towers, you will meet many familiar faces from the Emerald Grove there. You will learn from other refugees that not everyone has made it to the only safe place in the Shadow-Blinded Lands, where death lurks at every turn. Arabella and her parents were also unlucky.

Later, while exploring the western part of this location in search of the road to Baldur’s Gate, you will hear the screams of a girl at the entrance to the cemetery between the Masons’ Guild and the House of Healing.

Arabella in the second act of Baldur's Gate 3

It turns out that she got lost during an attack on a refugee caravan and wandered into this damned place in search of her parents. If you want to help a lost child, promise her to search for her parents and invite her to take refuge in your camp for a while.

Where to find Arabella’s parents

Where to find Arabella's parents in Baldur's Gate 3

As it quickly turns out, Arabella was on the right track, and her parents, Locke and Comira, were just around the corner. You’ll find them in the east wing of the House of Healing, which is directly west of where you found Arabella.

On the ground floor in the east wing of the building you will find a chamber where Sister Lidwin is looking after two tieflings. This polite nurse is undead and does not quite understand that all her patients, like herself, are long dead. You can safely stay in this part of the House of Healing and even convince Lidwin to sell you healing supplies.

Using the “Conversation with the Dead” spell or scroll, you can also ask the tieflings about what happened, but their story will be painfully predictable and tragic.

Should I tell Arabella the truth?

Should you tell Arabella the truth about her parents in Baldur's Gate 3?

Returning to the camp, you will find Arabella, next to the Withered One if you met him at the beginning of the game. As expected, the girl will take this terrible news extremely hard, and you will have to give her some time before broaching the topic again.

The next day, Arabella will calm down a little and thank you for your efforts and honesty with the Ring of the Shadow Blade – a magical item that allows the owner to use the second-level spell of the same name.

Reward for completing Arabella's quest in Baldur's Gate 3

The girl will also teach the main character a special spell, “Arabella’s Shadow Entanglement,” which allows her to immobilize the undead and shadows, thanks to which she managed to survive in the Shadow-Desecrated Lands alone. This is a particularly useful skill in this location, since there are not many ways to resist the local otherworldly entities and evil spirits.

By hiding the bitter truth from Arabella, you will achieve nothing, and she will leave the camp without thanking you and without knowing the true fate of her parents.

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