Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – where to find Dark Amethyst and why you need it

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide where to find Dark Amethyst Baldur's Gate 3 Guide - where to find Dark Amethyst and why you need it

Already in the early stages of the passage, you may find yourself in your hands with a powerful and very dangerous book “Necromancy of Thay”. It contains many dark secrets that may be useful to you in your further adventures, but you cannot open it without a magic stone called Dark Amethyst.

If you read our previous guide on how to solve the Decorated Mirror riddle, then you already know where to find this sinister grimoire sealed with powerful magic, so in this guide we will focus on how to find the key to it, and the complete passage of the quest by We will devote a separate article to reading “Necromancy of Thay”.

Where is Dark Amethyst located?

Players can begin the search for Dark Amethyst in two ways: either by exploring the well in the Extinct Village, or by finding a weak wall inside the Forge building. Each path will take you to the Whispering Abyss, a network of underground caves inhabited by huge spiders. Since you won’t get any benefit from choosing one of the two paths, we recommend choosing the well that is located in the middle of the Extinct Village, as it is easier to find.

Considering that the spiders will teleport and attack from a long distance, the easiest way is to try to sneak past them unnoticed with a character with the highest stealth skill, or better yet, using a potion or scroll of invisibility. If you still decide to engage in battle, we advise you not to fight with them, but to throw them into the abyss.

Where is Dark Amethyst in Baldur's Gate 3

In the northwest of this location, at coordinates (X:-549; Y:-41), you will find Dark Amethyst and a way to quickly travel to the surface.

What is Dark Amethyst used for?

What is Dark Amethyst for in Baldur's Gate 3?

Dark Amethyst is needed to open the tome “Necromancy of Thay”, which contains powerful dark spells.

Since we have already described in detail how to get to it, we will not dwell on this point separately. In any case, you probably already found this mysterious book if you were wondering how to open it.

The problem is that even after opening it, reading the contents will not be so easy. To turn each next page you will need to pass increasingly difficult wisdom checks, and after the third page the book will completely slam shut.

On your first failure, you will receive the Whispers of Madness curse, giving the wearer disadvantage on Wisdom dice rolls. However, there is no need to lament this issue; this ailment can be cured with the help of a scroll or the 3rd level spell “Remove Curse”. If you fail two checks in a row, you will be punished by a stronger version of this curse, “Detrimental Knowledge,” and it will not be possible to remove it so easily, so we recommend saving before trying.

If you succeed in this challenge, you will gain a +1 bonus on wisdom saving throws and ability checks, and permanent access to the Speak with Dead spell.

How to unlock Thay's Necromancy in Baldur's Gate 3

Do not throw away the book after this, as it has only been partially deciphered and can bring you additional benefits in Act 3. We will tell you about this in the next guide.

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