Bard Will Become a New Class in MMORPG Neverwinter

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IGN has posted a trailer for the new class in MMORPG Neverwinter on the YouTube channel. The first fresh archetype in the game in five years was the Bard, not the Druid, as fans had previously assumed.

“An elegant fighter who uses the power of music to empower his allies and crush enemies. Breaking through opponents with spectacular attacks, Bard can smoothly transition into songs, incinerating opponents with his dazzling performance. Also, as a support, Bard can dance on the battlefield, filling the ears of allies with cheering chants and defensive minuets, preparing for the final encore, ”reads the description of the video.

The release date of the new class is still unknown, as is the description of its abilities. More information will appear later in 2021.

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