Last week, we announced the imminent start of beta testing of the mobile game Farlight 84. And the developers did not disappoint – by January 14, they rolled out OBT but in a limited number of countries. Information about this appeared in the official Facebook group… Along with this, we got the gameplay from the MBT, where you can admire the futuristic cars that soar above the ground. Plus, there is an energy dome for protection, laser weapons, jetpacks, and other future items.

Otherwise, this is a typical battle royale and spiritual successor to Fortnite that cannot be played normally on iOS and Android. By the way, it’s cool that a jeep can transform into a tank with a huge barrel. But he has to fight back the walking metal spider, so the forces are equal. So far, the contractions seem a little drawn out.

Farlight 84 is available on Android in the following countries: Brazil, India, and Indonesia. The version for iOS and PC is still unknown.

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