Battle Royale Sigma offers cartoony graphics and auto-aiming

Sigma is a battle royale for smartphones. Now we are talking about the Android version, which appeared in Indonesia. It incorporates moments from various battle royale projects such as Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and so on.

Sigma has a fairly large map with the ability to get into a car and leave in it. I am glad that items are selected automatically, this applies to both equipment with first-aid kits and body kit for your weapon. In this regard, the interface is very clear.

Auto-guidance was also added to Sigma, it does not work well and will not allow you to destroy the enemy at a long distance; maybe that’s for the best? Sound effects are minimal and clearly cannot compete with the same PUBG New State or Apex Legends Mobile. Also, your character does not have unique abilities.

We also note that up to 50 people participate on one map (if these are bots, then they are quite accurate), and you fight solo and die immediately after critical damage.

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